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Press release publicity adds to credibility for consultant

Dr. Bob Acton

Dr. Bob Acton


Leadership consultant Bob Acton is well known for his expertise with abusive leaders.

In fact, his web site was ranked #4 on the first page of Google, along with many other consultants.

We helped him with his press release and it was printed on more than 200 media sites. Google indexed one of those listings from CBS Atlanta on the front page – just below Bob’s other listing!

Here’s how it looks:

Abrasive leader










Notice how the media reference adds more credibility to Bob’s first listing. Since many other consultants on this page have only their website listing, Bob stands out as having that something extra – media credibility.

After all, everyone says they are great, and everyone’s website says they are great. But when the media writes about you, then people believe it.

To see how you can get publicity like this, go to




Press release generates media interviews for Houston Women’s Business Coach

“I was very impressed with Dan Janal’s PR Leads services. Together, we put together a press release that went out to over 40 news media outlets. The very next day, I had 3 reporters call me wanting additional interviews; and for several weeks afterward I dominated Google with certain keyword searches. Overall I was extremely pleased with this service – it really boosts exposure for small businesses, yet is reasonably priced. What an exceptional value!”

Karen Terry


PR LEADS Press Release Service Helps Cancer Memoir Author Get Additional Publicity Beyond the Press Release

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our most recent press release.

Our Google listing moved up to page one under several key search terms.

David Koop

In addition, for us far more important is the net result of our move up Google’s listings. We have already received several requests for review copies of my new Top 10 Bestselling book; Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It! The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man.

What a change, after investing my time and the time of a staffer trying to get reviewers to notice my book, reporters are now contacting us and requesting a copy be sent directly to them. No more worry about whether my book will ever get read or lost in a stack of other books competing for attention.

Also a major health magazine is interested in writing a feature on me and my battle with cancer, as told in my book.

All of this is a quick and direct response to our most recent release.

The value of your help in crafting our releases, ensuring effective SEO is incalculable. Drafting an effective press release is only part of the story, getting it placed and then picked up by serious media sites is a service that we cannot match with our own efforts in house. The effective media sites know who you are and pick up releases offered on your masthead.

Finally for anyone who is thinking about whether or not to use your service I share these additional thoughts. In addition to the results listed above, remember. If you chase two rabbits, you don’t catch either one! Focus, you’re in your business because you love it and hopefully you are good at it. Dan Janal and his companies are the best at what they do. Spend your time doing what you do best and let Dan and his team over deliver on what they do best. I look forward to our next release with you.

Thank You,

David A. Koop
Author: Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I got It!
The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man
Remember… Today is Someday!

Publicity results: Google+ business leader ranks 2 and 3 on Google search thanks to press release

Google+ is hot. We positioned Sterling Ledet as “Google+ business leader.” Google rated him second and third for that term based on the press release. Imagine what doing a press release can do for your branding and publicity!


Press release tactics: Design Success University Proves the “Passalong Power of Press Releases”

You never know who is going to read your press release and make good things happen.

GaIl Doby

Gail Doby

When Gail Doby, president of Design Success University used the PR LEADS Press Release Sender Program, she never thought she’d hear from, ASID, the leading association for designers.

But she did.

“One of leading trade groups in our industry is doing an article about DSU as a result  of the person internally who saw the first press release.  It will be published in
the association magazine that goes out to tens of thousands of members.  Nice!”

Design Success University

Design Success University

Press releases are taking on a whole new life on the Internet as people search for people and companies they want to do business with.

“My first SEO press release with Dan resulted in a call from our industry’s major association.  My contact downloaded our free eBook, attended a webinar and then called me to see how we could collaborate.  Since then, he’s given my name to one writer who quoted me for a article that was picked up by  Those two sites get a combined 4.5 million viewers a month.  He also referred me to  a writer for the association’s magazine, and they are publishing an article in their magazine that will feature us to their 40,000 members…our ideal clients!  And, I’ve been
asked to create classes for their members and write blog posts for them, all
from one SEO press release.  I’d call that a great return on investment.


“Our second release was picked up by, The Street and about 80 different sites. The third release was picked up by Huffington Post and the The final count was over 2,000 media sites globally.  Just think about all of those backlinks that build our online authority.  WOW! Thanks, Dan!  You know I’ll continue to work with you because the results were phenomenal,” Gail says.

Gail’s story is just one of dozens like this. Our clients are getting great results from sending out press releases via our media sites which deliver so much more value than any of our so-called competitors. Plus we are the only company that actually guarantees your press releases will be printed on more than 40 media web sites and indexed on Google. That must be why we get so many repeat orders from our customers!

Tax firm gets on Page 1 of Google on Tax Day thanks to PR LEADS PLUS Guaranteed Press Releases!

What could be harder than to get on page on Google on tax day if you are a company that provides tax planning services?

Well, we were able to help Strategic Tax Advisors get on Page One on Google for the term “Strategic Tax Planning.”

Here’s the screen shot for proof:



The press release was printed word-for-word in The and because of that, Google indexed the press release.


Who says you can’t get onto page one of a major search engine with a competitive keyword on a competitive day!

How can I alert employees each time we send out a press release?

It is important for employees to know when press releases are sent. For example:

1. They will know what is new at the company.

2. They will have something new to tell prospects and clients.

3. They will feel good that the company is moving forwward.

4. They will feel pride when the media release is printed on top media sites.

5. They will know what is going on in case their clients and prospects refer to the press releases, which can be found online via Google or your own website.


So, how can you let them know when a news release has been sent, and when it has been printed on top media web sites?

1. Send a group email to all key employees.

2. Include the press release

3. Include the report showing where the press release was printed. If the report is large, consider saving the report as a PDF which can transmit better than a long email filled with logos of the media sites. Large files with graphics might not show up well on Blackberries or iPhones, so PDFs could work better.

4. Post the press release on a corporate intranet.

5. Post the printouts of the media release or original articles on the corporate intranet.

6. Print the press release, report and article and post them to high traffic areas, like waiting rooms and employee cafeterias or break rooms.

If you follow these publicity tips, you’ll be able to improve employee morale and create a well-informed workforce!


For more tips on writing a press release and sending a media release, visit our resources section or our FAQs

Sell More Products with Press Releases: $50,000 Bid on eBay

Can press releases lead to more traffic and sales on eBay?

You bet!

Last week, we wrote a press release for Joel Comm, who wanted to sell his company, which is called iFart (I kid you not). It is one of the best-selling apps on Apples’ App Store.

The press release was distributed at 7:30 a.m. Eastern time.  By 11 a.m., someone placed a bid for $25,000 which was then topped by a bid of $50,100. By 3 p.m. Eastern time, 3,661 people had viewed the sales page for the iFart mobile app company.

As of 2 p.m. Eastern time on Monday, March 7, 2011, the bid had increased to $55,513.13 and the number of page views reached 6,425.

“Getting a five-figure bid in such a short time exceeded my expectations,” said iFart founder Joel Comm. “We expect the bid to go much higher when the auction nears the deadline (on March 11). The buzz we got from the press release helped stimulate traffic.”

The press release appeared on more than 70 media cites word-for-word; and several reporters wrote original articles for such sites at TechCrunch, Gearlog and others.

Press releases are great marketing tools for getting attention for products. Press releases can drive traffic to an auction site or to a website.

Press releases can drive more traffic to your auction page. The more people who see the auction page, the more potential bidders you have and the higher the selling price could be.

Press releases can help create this magic first by getting printed on media websites where potential buyers can read the press releases. Press releases can also attract buyers when those press releases are indexed on search engines. If people are searching for your product, they might learn about it by reading a press release.

For information about our services, go to

For this client,  we edited the press release, wrote a new headline and optimized it for the search engines.

To see the auction page, go to


Are You Distributing Meaningless Press Releases?

Today’s Guest Post is written by Marsha Friedman, President of EMSI Public Relations.

The print media landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years. Most major daily newspapers no longer employ book editors or staff reviewers. They no longer have the space for reviews, nor the revenue to pay for a writer to cover that area.

Marsha Friedman

When they do want to include a books section in the Sunday paper occasionally, they typically grab copy from the wire services. Moreover, most lifestyle sections have been downsized in both space and staff. The New York Times has laid off more than 1,500 people over the last two years and they receive more than 500 press releases per day.

Who’s reading them? Anyone? Daily newspapers, monthly magazines and Web-based news outlets don’t have staff sitting around waiting for a good press release to write about. And, the way most press releases are written, they typically require some level of action on the part of the news organization to respond to it. Yet, they don’t have the staff anymore, therefore, they rarely, if ever, respond.

So, if you’re going to send out a press release, make sure it has valuable content and enough information that doesn’t require any action by the news media for it to be useful to them.

If you’re going to do your own PR, realize it’s a profession and there’s skill and knowledge you need to gain in order to be successful at it. It’s like trying to do home repairs. After a few tries to fix the pipe, if it still leaks, maybe it’s time to call the plumber. If you’re having some of these issues and you’re starting to lose faith in the message of your book, maybe it’s time to consider calling in a pro.

Marsha Friedman
Chief Executive Officer
EMSI Public Relations

How Much Hype Can You Put Into A Press Release?

Press releases are meant to be promotional pieces of communication that help you tell the world about your new products and services. Reporters and prospects expect a certain amount of self-promotion. But how much is too much?

This article will show you six ways to improve your press releases so they get read and you get the attention you deserve.

1. First of all, press releases should provide a solid core of information. They must contain the who, what, when, where, why and how of the event, the product or the service. Without that information, people can’t make an intelligent decision about your offer.

In other words, people do want to know the name of your product and how it can help them. They want to know how it differs from other products or services. They even want to know the price.

What they don’t want to see is hype.

People expect a certain amount of hype. They expect you to point out your product’s good points. But no one believes that your product is the first, the best, the greatest or the most wonderful. They don’t. So why start off a relationship on a negative where they don’t trust you because you are hyping something?

They also glaze over buzzwords like “truly revolutionary” or “next generation” or any kind of over-the-top claim. In other words, if it reads like a sales letter, then start over. No one is going to be fooled that this is useful information when it is really a naked sales pitch.

2. Here’s a test. Think of your most hated infomercial food processor, exercise machine or diet program. Now, change the name of your product to “sleazy infomercial product” and re-read the press release. If you feel that you’d want to buy one, or learn more about that product, then you might have done a good job. If you think, “Who’d believe that stuff?” then you might have crossed the line.

3. Don’t make the press release look like a sales letter. Don’t use a big screaming headline in red ink. Don’t use bold face, italics or large type.  Reporters will strip out the formatting, so you can save them the time it takes to do the editing.

4. It is okay to put in a call to action that helps them learn more about your company or product. Here are examples:

“For more information, go to this link.”
“To download a free chapter, go to this link.”
“For a free consultation, go to this link.”
“For a no-obligation consultation, call this number.”

5. Read a newspaper article or two (or 200) to see what reporters are looking for in a news story and to hear the tone of the article. If you do, you’ll probably write a much better press release.

6. You can put in pictures of the product, or link to pictures from your website. If you are sending a press release to a reporter, don’t put in pictures because the file size will be quite large and might not transmit properly or quickly to reporters who use mobile devices.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be on the start to creating a press release that tells your story and will be read. If you don’t follow these steps, your press release will probably wind up in the garbage can.