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Publicity Consultant Dan Janal Shares Press Release Secrets on Publishing Profits Podcast Show

pub profits podcast logoI’m a guest on today’s Publishing Profits Podcast Show. Here’s what they wrote to promote it:

Dan Janal shares brilliant insights into how press releases work, how to use them for maximum effect, and some new and exciting ways to get publicity and exposure for yourself and your book. If you’re interested in media exposure and publicity, grab your pen, start listening and take notes!

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Press Releases with Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

Dan Janal

Dan Janal     Publicity Strategist

Everyone knows a picture is worth 1,000 words. But many people don’t include pictures with press releases. That’s a shame because every report I’ve read recently shows that reporters – and readers – view press releases with pictures more often than press releases without pictures.

Here are several reasons to include pictures with your press releases.

1.     Editors need a visual element on their web pages. They must use art to make their web pages or print pages look more appealing. A mass of black and white type is boring. They need a picture to spice up the page! If your press release has a picture, it might get printed just because it has a picture and the competitor’s press release didn’t have a picture.
2.     Pictures make a story come alive. Even a typical mug shot or a company logo will stand out from a sea of press releases that are all black and white type. Remember the saying, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
3.     Google indexes pictures, so you might get more visibility and traffic when someone searches for your keyword. You could stand out because you have a picture and no one else does.

You should have pictures available your website so the media can download and print them.

Now you can add up to two pictures to press releases that are distributed to the media via PR Newswire. That means you can include your company logo, your book cover or add your smiling face to grab attention from reporters and prospects.

Prices are affordable. The first picture is only $15. Add a second picture for $10 more.

To order, go to or call 952-380-9844

You can’t not look at a picture! Once it enters your field of vision, you’ve seen it. Everyone looks at pictures.

How Do You Measure the Value of a Press Release?

Setting realistic goals and expectations should be one of the first things any service provider does with a client.

So, when people ask me how did their press release do? Or “What can I expect from a press release?” I show them numerous ways a press release can help them get publicity or prospects, or sales, or build their credibility. Each company has its own reasons for getting publicity. These questions might help you focus on what’s important – and ROI measurement that you hadn’t considered.

  • Did your press release create new, credibility for you?
  • Did your press release help you build your brand?
  • Did your press release lead to more visitors to your website?
  • Did your press release create buzz for your product?
  • Did your press release help you close a deal?
  • Did your press release shorten the sales cycle?
  • Did your press release remind prospects about your services?
  • Did your press release inform new prospects about your business?
  • Did your press release get people to talk about you?
  • Did your press release get your vendors more excited to promote your books and products?
  • Did your press release help your sales staff get motivated?
  • Did your press release lead to other business opportunities, like inbound sales leads?
  • Did your press release lead to additional media opportunities?
  • Did your press release establish you as a thought leader?
  • Did your press release get indexed on Google?
  • Did your press release help your site improve its ranking on Google?

As you can see, there are many different ways to benefit from a press release. Some are monetary. Some are ego. Some are branding. The real benefit comes when the outcome matches your original goal. When you get set on your goal (no lying or fooling yourself), then you can judge the results clearly.

SEO Publicity Strategist Dan Janal Asks “Is Your Press Release Kosher?”

Dan Janal

Dan Janal

Google announced new requirements for press releases a few days ago. It’s taken a few days for the SEO community to wrap their arms around the newest rules and regulations. I wanted to boil it down so you know what to do and what not to do. I’ll spare you the arcane minutiae and webmastering tools you don’t need to know.

1.     Google doesn’t like when people try to stuff keywords into press releases. They didn’t like that for articles and now they are clamping down on press releases. That’s good for the people who search Google, which, ultimately, is good for you.
2.     Google doesn’t mind when you put “anchor text” (keywords and links to your site) but they want you to use the “nofollow” tag in the code so they don’t follow the link. In other words, the link has no value for SEO. This is important because links are good things. You can to take readers from the press release to a certain page on your website for more info, such as your speaking page, or your consulting page, or your product page. You can also use links to take people to your Amazon page. It’s all good. Just follow the new rules and you’ll be safe
This is actually good news, especially for my clients. Here’s why.

1.     It completely throws all the lower-tier, all-you-can-eat press release distribution services under the bus. They weren’t good to start with. Now they are totally worthless. Avoid them at all costs. They existed only to play games with Google. That game doesn’t exist anymore. Google took away their reason for existing.

2.     It gives greater value to honest, reputable press release distribution services that offer a great blend of branding, distribution and publication. In other words; pick a winner and ride that horse forever. Obviously, I want you to choose PR LEADS’ Guaranteed Press Release service at

3.     Our press release distributor, PR Newswire, has been using the “nofollow” tag in all our press releases for years. That means all my clients’ press releases are in compliance with Google’s policies. If you used another service without the “nofollow” tag, I don’t know how Google will treat those older press releases. Ask them. It might not be pretty. You might have to revise all the press releases on your website for starters. And then you have to “disavow” (Google’s term) the links from press releases from other sites that printed your press release. That’s what happens when you go cheap. You pay a price later.

Which only goes to show, that if you work with a reputable company upfront, you are safe. If you want your press releases to be safe, work with us. We don’t cut corners and we don’t try to play fast and loose with the rules.

And, in case you are wondering, our clients are still getting great results by being published on more than 100 bona fide media websites and being listed on Google searches!

Isn’t it time you started doing press releases the right way? Call us at 952-380-9844 to get started. Or check us out at

Free Publicity Tip: Leverage Breaking News in Your Press Release

They call them “newspapers” for a reason: they contain news.

But what can you do to get publicity if you or your company don’t create news?

You can piggyback on breaking news to get free publicity for yourself or your company.

Here are five proven publicity tactics to help you see your name in the news:

1.     Anticipate news. Housing reports. Unemployment statistics. Inflation numbers. These reports are issued every month, like clockwork. Reporters need to find local commentators who can bring perspective to this news. Why shouldn’t that person be you?

2.     Anticipate trends. If you see a TV story on tattoos, college kids taking on debt, college kids moving in with their parents, then you can expect your local newspaper to do the same kind of story one day. Act fast so the reporter calls you and not someone else.

3.     Monitor editorial calendars. Every magazine follows an editorial calendar. They tell you what stories they will be writing and when. Contact reporters to get into the mix.

4.     Breaking news. Monitor breaking news by setting up a Google alert. When news happens, you’ll get an email or a text message letting you know about the event. Then call your editorial contacts with your insights.
5.     Second day stories. If the story is big enough, reporters will write a follow-up story the next day. Let them know you have new info or new insights to add to that story.

If you are prepared, you can get free publicity in TV, radio, newspapers and the web.

For additional press release ideas, read these articles:



Author Gets Speaking Engagements Thanks to Press Releases from PR LEADS’

How can an author get speaking engagements? Read this amazing story from David Koop!

David Koop

David Koop

Some things to share with you. Coping Magazine is excerpting my bestselling Book; Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It! It is running in their July/Aug issue. We got this because of our press release with PR LEADS’!
As you know Dan a large portion of my income is generated with my speaking fees. My current rate is now $10,000 per keynote.

When asking each booker how or where they had heard of me, I was surprised by their response.

The last three had searched Google for an inspirational and/or motivational speaker; each stated that what they found in the search results was the deciding factor for finding and then choosing me.

The reason I was surprised is because we spend a lot of time and money marketing and sending out speaker packs but that is not where the bulk of the business is coming from.

So if anyone wonders if press releases matter, I can tell you my belief grows stronger and stronger as I continue to benefit from Google posting more and more information about me. Articles, event notices, presentations and press releases all add up to credibility for those people looking for you.

What are the people who might be in a position to hire you seeing when they do a Google search?

The more information about you the better chance you have, so post what you are doing online, and it all starts with press releases. Dan I remember the first time I was trying to decide if I should use your service at all.

After deciding yes, that I would use your service to issue my release the next question came up, “Do I have you draft it?”

Hey most of us out there have long ago decided that no one can sell us or our business better than we can… right.

Koop bookWell what I found is that you listen during that interview process and then you give me the chance to tweak your thoughts. But what I get from you is several fold.

First because it is from you, it gets opened by people who matter (who sends it makes a difference).

Second you can see the forest for the trees as they say. You know what an outsider, like a potential new customer needs to know about me and my service.

Lastly you have years and years of experience learning what SEO terms to use for the best overall results.

It might get old for you Dan, but I am so happy to be able to write to and share with you the direct and indirect results that I continue to receive as a direct result of our press releases with you.

Then you crafting that Press Release maximizing and multiplying those results down the road.

Thank you so very much Dan.

David A. Koop

Bestselling Author: Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I got It!  –  The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man
Motivational Speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach


Should International Companies Send Press Releases to U.S. Media?

Several times a month I get emails from people in other countries asking if press releases printed in US publications can help them.

The answer, of course, is yes.

Here’s why small businesses all around the world need to market their services and get publicity in the U.S.

1.     You get credibility from appearing in U.S. media. Imagine showing a client an article about your company from the Wall Street Journal. It’s huge.
2.     Google indexes those articles, which means you can get found more easily when people search for companies like yours.
3.     You get the halo effect of positive branding when your name appears in top ranked media.
4.     You can create more impressive marketing materials from those articles which will make it easier for you to make sales.
5.     Some of your buyers might live in the U.S. so you should market to them.
6.     We are living in a true global economy and people can and should be able to buy most services and products regardless of where they live or where you are based. I probably buy software made by companies in India but I’d never know it from their websites. So do you.
7.     If you decide to open operations in the U.S., or work with suppliers or distributors in the U.S., you’ll have more credibility if you have U.S. media bona fides.
8.     You’ll seem like a bigger, more global company. That impression could inspire a prospect to work with you instead of a competitor.
9.     The U.S. is one of the largest markets in the world. If people here know about you and your product or service, they could buy it. Why turn your back on this market?

I’ve had press releases from clients in Thailand, Germany, England and Italy. Isn’t it time you thought about sending your press releases to the U.S.? If you need help writing them, well, that’s what we do. For info, go to

How to Measure the Effect of Press Releases

Press Release Expert Dan Janal

All people and all companies who want to see their names in print comes to the realization that there’s more to publicity than seeing your face in the newspaper. Getting publicity is great for your ego, but what about the ROI of publicity?

After all, there is no such thing as free publicity. You have to spend time and or money to get publicity – and that expense has to be justified.

Many publicity campaign managers wonder: “How can you measure the impact of your press release and your publicity tactics?”

Here are two sets of metrics you can use to see if you are getting a good response on your publicity campaign.

The first set of questions involves what I call “primary response metrics.” These are the initial actions that a reporter or a prospect could make when seeing your press release or the articles that result from the press release. The second set of questions concern the sales made from people who see those media mentions.

Primary Response Metrics
1.     How many times was it printed on real media web sites?
2.     Where does the press release rank on Google for various search terms?
3.     How many reporters contacted you for more information?
4.     How many original articles resulted from the press release?
5.     How many visitors came to your website?
6.     How many phone calls did you get from prospects?
7.     How many mentions did it get on social media sites?

Financial Response Metrics
1.     How many sales?
2.     What is the profit per sale?
3.     How long was the sales process?
4.     How do these numbers compare to other marketing methods?

If you track any of these numbers, you’ll have a good idea if your publicity campaign is getting results.

How long do links from media sites last?

Karen Terry

Karen Terry,

People always ask me, “How long do the links last when they appear on a media web site after I send out a press release with PR LEADS PLUS’ press release sender service?”

Some sites keep them up forever; some sites take them down after a few months.

Read what happened to Karen Terry.

“Remember last year when we did the press release for me using the keywords “Houston Women’s Business Coach”? Well last week someone typed that exact phrase into Google and my name came up. I got a new client out of it, over a year later! YAY! How cool is that?

Thank you Dan!”

Karen Terry

“The Full-Time Woman’s Coach”
Career & Business Coaching
Author of the award-winning book:  Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career, and the upcoming Entrepreneur Extraordinaire (Thrive Publishing, 2012).

Yes, Karen, that’s very cool.


Of course, that’s what happened when Karen used and took advantage of our coaching, SEO research and our special distribution services to the media that are much more effective than any free press release service, or any other paid press release distribution service. I can’t say how long those links last – or even if other sites can generate links on media websites.


Under the Hood: What You Get When You Send Your Press Releases with PR LEAD PLUS

You’ve probably gotten a phone call from one of our competitors offering you an unbelievable price for sending out press releases. Before you lighten your wallet, ask them if they provide these services that we offer:

Editing for style to ensure your press release looks and sounds professional

Editing for content to ensure you tell your story properly

Test links to make sure you didn’t put in any bad links

Keyword research to find the best keywords that get the most hits

Search engine optimization to better help you rank high in search engines

Search engine marketing tips to help you get found in search engines

Headline review to help with theme as well as seo

Editorial feedback to make sure you don’t send out a dog of a press release

Guaranteed publication in more than 40 media web sites so you are assured of getting seen

Report showing proof of publication to prove that we deliver on our promises

Proven ideas for additional follow up and media opportunities

Creative ideas to take your marketing to the next level

Consulting on a variety of publicity topics

Coaching on numerous publicity and business topics

Check out our options and you’ll see that all press release services are not created equal – and you get what you pay for.