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Compliance Expert Gets Free Publicity with PR LEADS Press Release Service

Compliance expert Jeffrey Harfenist’s press release appeared on the front page of Google for several key search terms as a direct result of a publicity strategy offered by PR LEADS Press Release Service and Publicity Expert Dan Janal.

Here are two screen shots showing his key terms and how Google rated his press releases quite high on the front page:

Fraude Schemes

(Figure above) Compliance Expert's press release appeared on #1 listing for "fraud schemes for oil and gas companies, a key search term that this client wanted to highlight." (Figure below) Compliance Expert's press release appeared as the 1st and 3rd listing for the term "oil and gas compliance expert." Anyone searching for an expert would be sure to find our client

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  1. PR Newswire is right in that it is hard to predict how aeohtnr organization such as Yahoo News will use a release. I see a lot of releases from outfits such as PR Newswire, BusinessWire, Market Wire and such in the Aviation News. One characteristic is their titles often have the words airlines, flights , airport , aviation, etc. I know it is expensive to release through PR Newswire, but next time I suggest that you put the aviation-related keywords in the title of your press release. That can help improve the chances of getting into the Aviation section of Yahoo News

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