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Your Questions About Press Release Services – Answered!

Why should I use your service instead of the others?
We guarantee your press release will be printed on more than 40 media web sites. No one else makes that claim. We back it up with a full, money-back guarantee.

What makes your service different from companies that send out press releases?
We are the only one that will write your press release and optimize it for the search engines and then send it to the media. Other services don’t provide writing, editing or SEO services like we do. You have to write the release. If you make mistakes or don’t put in the correct SEO terms, you’re out of luck when you use other services.

Why should I use your service instead of a free service?

Free services don’t write or edit releases. We do. They don’t optimize the press release for search engines. We do. Free services don’t guarantee results. We do.

Where does the press release go?
We send your press release to more than 30,000 journalists and editors at more than 17,500 news outlets who write and report on various subjects. Included in that are the 100 top daily newspapers and magazines. As a bonus, we also send to reporters who cover specialized fields and who have opted in to our lists to receive press releases.

How can you guarantee the press release will be printed?
We have identified more than 40 media web sites that want content and print just about everything we send them. They trust us and they want material.

I used another name-brand service and wasn’t happy with the results. Why should I trust you?
We guarantee our work. If your press release doesn’t appear on at least 100 media web sites, we’ll refund your money. No other service will do that.

What else do you guarantee?
We guarantee that the press release will be distributed to the media via a major press release distribution service that is trusted by reporters.

Is there anything you won’t print?
We reserve the right to reject any press release that violates good common sense, dubious commercial claims or hate speech.

Can I send the press release to my list of reporters and contacts?

Can I post the press release on my website?

Can I put the names of the publications that print the press release on my website?

Can I say I was quoted in those publications?


Can I say I was written up in those publications?

Can I take screen shots of the press releases on the media sites to use in my marketing materials?

Yes. You might want to ask permission.

How long will those press releases be posted to the media sites?
Some sites will keep the press release for years. Others will remove them after 90 days. You get long-term benefits as well as short-term benefits.

When is the release distributed?
After you approve the press release, we schedule the press release to be distributed by 9 a.m. Eastern time on the next business day.

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