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How We Track Your Results With Press Releases

How can I track results?
We will send you a report that shows where the press release was printed within 24 hours of sending the press release. You can also search for the press release on Google by typing in the headline and surrounding it with quotation marks for an exact search.

When will you send me the report?
We will send you a report within 24 hours of the time the press release was distributed.

What is included in the report?
We will show you where the press release was printed. The report will include the logo from the website, a link to the actual page the press release was printed on and (in many cases), the circulation figures for that media site.

Do you charge a membership fee, like some other press release distribution services?
No. We charge only for sending the press release, writing the release (if you hire us) and optimizing the press release (if you hire us). There are no hidden fees.

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