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Search Engine Optimization Through Releases – Your Questions, Answered!

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?
SEO or search engine optimization is a way to get your website viewed by anyone searching the Internet. Sites that are displayed higher in the search engines get more traffic than sites that are lower in the search engines. If your site is not on the first page of Google, it will probably not be viewed by many people. We craft your press release so it has a better chance of being found in the search engines by your prospects.

What does “optimized” mean?
When we “optimize” the press release, we add keywords and links to help improve the chances of the press release being found.

What is the benefit of search engine optimization?
More people will find your site and will visit. The ultimate goal is for you to get more sales by seeing more prospects. Of course, whether people will buy is completely in your hands and depends on what you are selling, what the price is and how convincing you are.

What is a “keyword”?

A keyword is a term that people search for in a search engine. You want to use words that people search for so they can find your press release.

How can I find the right keywords?

There are tools by Google and other companies that can help you find keywords.

How many keywords can I put into a press release?
You can put 1 keyword for every 100 words. But you should not use the same keyword over and over. Search engines don’t like that. Use a variety of keywords and combinations of keywords that your clients and prospects would search for.

What is “anchor text”?
Anchor text is a link from a word on your press release to a specific page on your website. You’ve probably seen them represented by a blue underline beneath the word.

What is a hyperlink?
A hyperlink is a piece of text that contains a link to another webpage. A hyperlink can be a word, or a website URL, or even a text image. When a reader clicks on the link, the referred page or website will be displayed. This is a good way to get a person who is reading your press release to learn more about your products, or sign up to buy the product.

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