Nearly every public relations campaign can be improved by using a case study.

A case study is a publicity tactic that shows how one or more of your clients have used your product or service and benefited from it.

Prospects love to be convinced by reading case studies because people love to read stories.

A case study is simply a business story.

Like all stories, this free publicity strategy has a format you can easily follow.

  1. Client has a problem. Describe it as visually and emotionally as you can.
  2. Client tried various solutions but none worked. Describe in a little bit of detail. After all you can’t learn from something that didn’t work, so don’t dwell on it.
  3. Client heard about your product or service. Explain how, briefly, i.e. a friend told him about the product, or she read about it in a magazine.
  4. Client tried your service and got great results. Describe in lots of detail and with as many numbers as you can how the client benefited, i.e. web traffic increased by 20 percent, or sales increased by 10 percent.
  5. Show them what to do next. How can they contact you? Put in your phone number, website, email address, and other contact points, including social media.

That’s it!

It couldn’t be any easier.

Introduce your industry, and the media they follow, to your groundbreaking case study with a press release.

If you’d like to see samples, search Google for “case studies” in your industry – you are bound to find many examples to model.

Press releases are a great way to get found on Google.

Just be sure to use current examples.

Nothing looks worse than seeing old material – people will wonder if you’ve done anything noteworthy in a long time!

I’ve made it easier than ever for you to get a press release out about your case study, which you’ll discover when you click here.