They call them “newspapers” for a reason: they contain news.

But what can you do to get publicity if you or your company don’t create news?

You can piggyback on breaking news to get free publicity for yourself or your company.

Here are five proven publicity tactics to help you see your name in the news:

  1. Anticipate news. Housing reports. Unemployment statistics. Inflation numbers. These reports are issued every month, like clockwork. Reporters need to find local commentators who can bring perspective to this news. Why shouldn’t that person be you?
  2. Anticipate trends. If you see a TV story on tattoos, college kids taking on debt, college kids moving in with their parents, then you can expect your local newspaper to do the same kind of story one day. Act fast so the reporter calls you and not someone else.
  3. Monitor editorial calendars. Every magazine follows an editorial calendar. They tell you what stories they will be writing and when. Contact reporters to get into the mix.
  4. Breaking news. Monitor breaking news by setting up a Google alert. When news happens, you’ll get an email or a text message letting you know about the event. Then call your editorial contacts with your insights.
  5. Second-day stories. If the story is big enough, reporters will write a follow-up story the next day. Let them know you have new info or new insights to add to that story.

If you are prepared, you can get free publicity in TV, radio, newspapers, and the web.

I’ve made it easier than ever to get this working for you.