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How do you measure the value of a press release?

When people ask “What can I expect from a press release?” I show them many ways a press release can help them get publicity, prospects, sales, or build their credibility.   These questions might help you focus on what’s important – and ROI measurement that you hadn’t considered.   ·      Did your press release help [...]

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Publicity Consultant Dan Janal Shares Press Release Secrets on Publishing Profits Podcast Show

I’m a guest on today’s Publishing Profits Podcast Show. Here’s what they wrote to promote it: Dan Janal shares brilliant insights into how press releases work, how to use them for maximum effect, and some new and exciting ways to get publicity and exposure for yourself and your book. If you’re interested in media exposure [...]

Press Releases with Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

Dan Janal     Publicity Strategist Everyone knows a picture is worth 1,000 words. But many people don’t include pictures with press releases. That’s a shame because every report I’ve read recently shows that reporters – and readers – view press releases with pictures more often than press releases without pictures. Here are [...]

Publicity expert Dan Janal appears on “The Real Deal with Jason Silverman”

My interview on “The Real Deal with Jason Silverman" is now live!  I shared lots of great advice on how to get publicity.  You can find the interview on Jason's website J. The name of this show is: How to Write and Use an Effective Press Release with PR Expert and Internet Marketing SuperStar Dan Janal [...]

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How Do You Measure the Value of a Press Release?

Setting realistic goals and expectations should be one of the first things any service provider does with a client. So, when people ask me how did their press release do? Or “What can I expect from a press release?” I show them numerous ways a press release can help them get publicity or prospects, or [...]

SEO Publicity Strategist Dan Janal Asks “Is Your Press Release Kosher?”

Dan Janal Google announced new requirements for press releases a few days ago. It’s taken a few days for the SEO community to wrap their arms around the newest rules and regulations. I wanted to boil it down so you know what to do and what not to do. I’ll spare you the [...]

Free Publicity Tactics: Building Trust with Your Customers with Case Studies

Press ReleaseStrategy ExpertDan Janal Nearly every public relations campaign can be improved by using a case study. A case study is a publicity tactic that shows how one or more of your clients have used your product or service and benefited from it. Prospects love to be convinced by reading case studies because [...]

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Why You Should Convert Your Articles into Press Releases

Many people who want to get free publicity with press releases don’t do so because they think they don’t have anything to say. However, if you’ve been cranking out articles, you probably don’t realize you are sitting on a gold mine of content. That’s because you can rewrite your articles into press releases. If this [...]