How to get your press release noticed: Write for the small screen

How to get your press release noticed: Write for the small screen

A prospect asked me to look at his blog and see if his post would make for a good press release.

I turned on my iPhone, went to his mobile site and quickly found the post. It was well written, but it seemed to take forever to get to the point – and I told him so. I agreed to rewrite it so the key points would be higher.

When I sat down to do the work, I copied the post into Word and was shocked at what I saw.

1.     He made his point quickly.
2.     The post was only 364 words.
3.     It looked and read fine.
What was the difference?

The first read was on a small iPhone. The second read was on a regular laptop with a 12-inch screen.

Perceptions shape reality.

For an iPhone, the post was long. I scrolled and scrolled to read it all. But on a normal screen, it was fine. No scrolling.

He also included a large piece of artwork in the middle of the post. That might have led me to think the post was longer than it actually was.

I think this point can’t be made too strongly: People’s attention spans on small, mobile devices will be less than on a larger screen. Therefore, you have to write for the screen you think your target audience will read.

In today’s world of short messages and shorter attention spans, I don’t think you can write short enough.

I’ll stop here before I lose you.

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