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Does choosing the correct search term makes a big difference?

One of my clients sent me a press release today about "online education." You'd think that is a good term. In fact, 300,000 searches are made for that term in a month. But, when I did more analysis, I found that many other relevant keywords were being searched more often on Google. For example: distance [...]

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Are You Distributing Meaningless Press Releases?

Today's Guest Post is written by Marsha Friedman, President of EMSI Public Relations. The print media landscape has changed dramatically in the last two years. Most major daily newspapers no longer employ book editors or staff reviewers. They no longer have the space for reviews, nor the revenue to pay for a writer to cover [...]

Grief Expert Aurora Winter Jumps to #4 on Google for “Grief Expert” Term with PR LEADS Guaranteed Press Release Program

Grief Expert Aurora Winter issued a press release on February 14 and it appeared on so many web sites, including the Sacramento Bee, that her name shows up on the #4 position on Google for the term "grief expert." She was in good company. Among the top five sites were AOLhealth, 1800Flowers and allbusiness -- [...]

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How Much Hype Can You Put Into A Press Release?

Press releases are meant to be promotional pieces of communication that help you tell the world about your new products and services. Reporters and prospects expect a certain amount of self-promotion. But how much is too much? This article will show you six ways to improve your press releases so they get read and you get the attention you deserve.