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Writing Press Examples: 5 Topics You Probably Didn’t Realize Can Be in a Press Release

Many people mistakenly think a press release can only contain news, such as announcing a new product, hiring a new CEO, announcing earnings results or winning an award. True, those are the bread and butter of press releases, but press releases can contain so many more interesting topics that can help you get [...]

Education Expert Gets High Rankings on Google Thanks to PR LEADS Press Release Service

SAT prep expert Megan Dorsey ranked high on Google for several search terms when she used the PR LEADS Press Release Service. Publicity expert Dan Janal found keywords and phrases that were highly searched by the public and carefully crafted a press release so people who were searching for those terms could find the press [...]

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Examples of Press Release Formatting Mistakes from Press Release Writing Expert Dan Janal

Have you ever written a press release and nothing happened? One reason might be that you didn’t follow the special rules for writing and formatting a press release. Reporters can be picky and they will quickly hit the delete key on any press release that violates the basic rules. Here are 10 common [...]

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Compliance Expert Gets Free Publicity with PR LEADS Press Release Service

Compliance expert Jeffrey Harfenist's press release appeared on the front page of Google for several key search terms as a direct result of a publicity strategy offered by PR LEADS Press Release Service and Publicity Expert Dan Janal. Here are two screen shots showing his key terms and how Google rated his press releases quite [...]

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