Press Release Expert Dan Janal

All people and all companies who want to see their names in print comes to the realization that there’s more to publicity than seeing your face in the newspaper. Getting publicity is great for your ego, but what about the ROI of publicity?

After all, there is no such thing as free publicity. You have to spend time and or money to get publicity – and that expense has to be justified.

Many publicity campaign managers wonder: “How can you measure the impact of your press release and your publicity tactics?”

Here are two sets of metrics you can use to see if you are getting a good response on your publicity campaign.

The first set of questions involves what I call “primary response metrics.” These are the initial actions that a reporter or a prospect could make when seeing your press release or the articles that result from the press release. The second set of questions concern the sales made from people who see those media mentions.

Primary Response Metrics
1.     How many times was it printed on real media web sites?
2.     Where does the press release rank on Google for various search terms?
3.     How many reporters contacted you for more information?
4.     How many original articles resulted from the press release?
5.     How many visitors came to your website?
6.     How many phone calls did you get from prospects?
7.     How many mentions did it get on social media sites?

Financial Response Metrics
1.     How many sales?
2.     What is the profit per sale?
3.     How long was the sales process?
4.     How do these numbers compare to other marketing methods?

If you track any of these numbers, you’ll have a good idea if your publicity campaign is getting results.