It is important for employees to know when press releases are sent. For example:

1. They will know what is new at the company.

2. They will have something new to tell prospects and clients.

3. They will feel good that the company is moving forwward.

4. They will feel pride when the media release is printed on top media sites.

5. They will know what is going on in case their clients and prospects refer to the press releases, which can be found online via Google or your own website.


So, how can you let them know when a news release has been sent, and when it has been printed on top media web sites?

1. Send a group email to all key employees.

2. Include the press release

3. Include the report showing where the press release was printed. If the report is large, consider saving the report as a PDF which can transmit better than a long email filled with logos of the media sites. Large files with graphics might not show up well on Blackberries or iPhones, so PDFs could work better.

4. Post the press release on a corporate intranet.

5. Post the printouts of the media release or original articles on the corporate intranet.

6. Print the press release, report and article and post them to high traffic areas, like waiting rooms and employee cafeterias or break rooms.

If you follow these publicity tips, you’ll be able to improve employee morale and create a well-informed workforce!


For more tips on writing a press release and sending a media release, visit our resources section or our FAQs