Hi Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for your help with our most recent press release.

Our Google listing moved up to page one under several key search terms.

David Koop

In addition, for us far more important is the net result of our move up Google’s listings. We have already received several requests for review copies of my new Top 10 Bestselling book; Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It! The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man.

What a change, after investing my time and the time of a staffer trying to get reviewers to notice my book, reporters are now contacting us and requesting a copy be sent directly to them. No more worry about whether my book will ever get read or lost in a stack of other books competing for attention.

Also a major health magazine is interested in writing a feature on me and my battle with cancer, as told in my book.

All of this is a quick and direct response to our most recent release.

The value of your help in crafting our releases, ensuring effective SEO is incalculable. Drafting an effective press release is only part of the story, getting it placed and then picked up by serious media sites is a service that we cannot match with our own efforts in house. The effective media sites know who you are and pick up releases offered on your masthead.

Finally for anyone who is thinking about whether or not to use your service I share these additional thoughts. In addition to the results listed above, remember. If you chase two rabbits, you don’t catch either one! Focus, you’re in your business because you love it and hopefully you are good at it. Dan Janal and his companies are the best at what they do. Spend your time doing what you do best and let Dan and his team over deliver on what they do best. I look forward to our next release with you.

Thank You,

David A. Koop
Author: Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I got It!
The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man

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