You never know who is going to read your press release and make good things happen.

GaIl Doby

Gail Doby

When Gail Doby, president of Design Success University used the PR LEADS Press Release Sender Program, she never thought she’d hear from, ASID, the leading association for designers.

But she did.

“One of leading trade groups in our industry is doing an article about DSU as a result  of the person internally who saw the first press release.  It will be published in
the association magazine that goes out to tens of thousands of members.  Nice!”

Design Success University

Design Success University

Press releases are taking on a whole new life on the Internet as people search for people and companies they want to do business with.

“My first SEO press release with Dan resulted in a call from our industry’s major association.  My contact downloaded our free eBook, attended a webinar and then called me to see how we could collaborate.  Since then, he’s given my name to one writer who quoted me for a article that was picked up by  Those two sites get a combined 4.5 million viewers a month.  He also referred me to  a writer for the association’s magazine, and they are publishing an article in their magazine that will feature us to their 40,000 members…our ideal clients!  And, I’ve been
asked to create classes for their members and write blog posts for them, all
from one SEO press release.  I’d call that a great return on investment.


“Our second release was picked up by, The Street and about 80 different sites. The third release was picked up by Huffington Post and the The final count was over 2,000 media sites globally.  Just think about all of those backlinks that build our online authority.  WOW! Thanks, Dan!  You know I’ll continue to work with you because the results were phenomenal,” Gail says.

Gail’s story is just one of dozens like this. Our clients are getting great results from sending out press releases via our media sites which deliver so much more value than any of our so-called competitors. Plus we are the only company that actually guarantees your press releases will be printed on more than 40 media web sites and indexed on Google. That must be why we get so many repeat orders from our customers!