April 5, 2011 was launch day for customer service expert Shep Hyken’s new book, “The Amazement Revolution.”

Shep asked me, publicity consultant Dan Janal to send a press release to the media. I used a few SEO tactics that Google approves of to help Shep.

More than 50 media sites printed the press release. See the list here: Book – Customer Service book media report

Sales have been great – as seen on Amazon’s sales. His book has hit the #1 spot on three categories!



I know Shep worked his butt off to get these sales and I know that press releases were not the only tactic he used. However, I am delighted to have played a role in this amazing launch for this amazing book.

“Dan Janal helped me create an excellent press release to announce of my latest book.  He was easy to work with and made some important suggestions to get the most from the release.  The best part of it was how easy it was to do.  Just a phone call and it was all taken care of.  Thank you, Dan, for the great work that you do,” said Shep Hyken, author of “The Amazement Revolution” (www.hyken.com)