You’ve probably gotten a phone call from one of our competitors offering you an unbelievable price for sending out press releases. Before you lighten your wallet, ask them if they provide these services that we offer:

Editing for style to ensure your press release looks and sounds professional

Editing for content to ensure you tell your story properly

Test links to make sure you didn’t put in any bad links

Keyword research to find the best keywords that get the most hits

Search engine optimization to better help you rank high in search engines

Search engine marketing tips to help you get found in search engines

Headline review to help with theme as well as seo

Editorial feedback to make sure you don’t send out a dog of a press release

Guaranteed publication in more than 40 media web sites so you are assured of getting seen

Report showing proof of publication to prove that we deliver on our promises

Proven ideas for additional follow up and media opportunities

Creative ideas to take your marketing to the next level

Consulting on a variety of publicity topics

Coaching on numerous publicity and business topics

Check out our options and you’ll see that all press release services are not created equal – and you get what you pay for.