How can an author get speaking engagements? Read this amazing story from David Koop!

David Koop

David Koop

Some things to share with you. Coping Magazine is excerpting my bestselling Book; Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It! It is running in their July/Aug issue. We got this because of our press release with PR LEADS’!
As you know Dan a large portion of my income is generated with my speaking fees. My current rate is now $10,000 per keynote.

When asking each booker how or where they had heard of me, I was surprised by their response.

The last three had searched Google for an inspirational and/or motivational speaker; each stated that what they found in the search results was the deciding factor for finding and then choosing me.

The reason I was surprised is because we spend a lot of time and money marketing and sending out speaker packs but that is not where the bulk of the business is coming from.

So if anyone wonders if press releases matter, I can tell you my belief grows stronger and stronger as I continue to benefit from Google posting more and more information about me. Articles, event notices, presentations and press releases all add up to credibility for those people looking for you.

What are the people who might be in a position to hire you seeing when they do a Google search?

The more information about you the better chance you have, so post what you are doing online, and it all starts with press releases. Dan I remember the first time I was trying to decide if I should use your service at all.

After deciding yes, that I would use your service to issue my release the next question came up, “Do I have you draft it?”

Hey most of us out there have long ago decided that no one can sell us or our business better than we can… right.

Koop bookWell what I found is that you listen during that interview process and then you give me the chance to tweak your thoughts. But what I get from you is several fold.

First because it is from you, it gets opened by people who matter (who sends it makes a difference).

Second you can see the forest for the trees as they say. You know what an outsider, like a potential new customer needs to know about me and my service.

Lastly you have years and years of experience learning what SEO terms to use for the best overall results.

It might get old for you Dan, but I am so happy to be able to write to and share with you the direct and indirect results that I continue to receive as a direct result of our press releases with you.

Then you crafting that Press Release maximizing and multiplying those results down the road.

Thank you so very much Dan.

David A. Koop

Bestselling Author: Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I got It!  –  The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man
Motivational Speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach