Many people who want to get free publicity with press releases don’t do so because they think they don’t have anything to say.

However, if you’ve been cranking out articles, you probably don’t realize you are sitting on a gold mine of content.

That’s because you can rewrite your articles into press releases.

If you, like me, hit a little writer’s block now and then, you may be excited to discover one of the most underutilized publicity tactics for small businesses.

Here are five reasons you should turn articles into press releases:

  1. People want to read what’s interesting. Your articles have tips, information and opinions that people would consider well-worth reading.
  2. Those press releases help build your brand and trust with existing customers.
  3. Those press releases help attract new prospects to your brand and website.
  4. Reporters could jump on the idea and interview you for a new article.
  5. Search engines could index that article so you are found by more prospects who search for that information.

You’ve already created the content once – adapt and use it again.

Some people might be asking, “I thought press releases were all about what is new.”

That is true – to a degree.

Press releases are written to promote what is new at a company – such as new products, new promotions, and new contracts.

That said:

Feature press releases and “soft stories” have been a hallmark of press release writing from nearly the beginning of public relations as an art, science, business, and craft.

If you aren’t rewriting your articles into press releases, you are missing a valuable way to gain attention from the media, prospects, and search engines.

If you’d like to have us help you convert your articles into press releases so you can get free publicity, check out our special pricing on Press Release writing, editing, and distribution – speak with us to determine which is best for you.

Plus, each Press Release can mean several more pieces of content.

Post every press release as a blog post.

Add an “In The News” page to your website and link all these blog posts to that page.

Then share them on social media.

That’s three more pieces of content right there.

I bet you come up with more.

At any rate, it all starts here.