Question: When I submit a press release to reporters, what should I write in the subject line of an email?

Answer: You can’t make the press release sound like an ad.

So don’t use any bold claims or fantastic statements – even if you think they are true.

Reporters get over-the-top claims all the time.

They are on guard against this tactic.

Use the headline, or use keywords so reporters know the material is targeted for them.

For example, one of our clients (CKO Kickboxing) was named a top franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine.

We suggested these subject lines:

  1. Entrepreneur magazine rates CKO Kickboxing one of top new franchises
  2. Franchise news: CKO Kickboxing makes Entrepreneur Magazine’s hot list
  3. Sports business: CKO Kickboxing makes Entrepreneur Magazine’s hot list

I’d send the first to general business reporters, the second to the franchise reporters, and the third to sport business reporters.

Now, give reporters a chance.

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