Once you get publicity in newspapers, TV or on media web sites, you have to let your followers, fans and prospects know about it. Of course, some people are shy about saying nice things about themselves. So look what PR LEADS client Lauren E Miller did when her stress relief techniques were printed on CNBC.com (with our help, of course).

This is her idea and it is a great idea. Here’s what she sent via email:

Subject line: Hi Dan, It’s Lauren with Spring Cleaning Your Head

Peace to you Dan,

Check out some great tips on spring cleaning your thought
life on CNBC:


Enjoy! and if you are in Denver I hope to see you at
the Stress Skill Building Workshop on March 12th from 10-
11:30 am.  Details and registration are found on my
website: www.laurenemiller.com under events.

To Your Peace and Joy!

Lauren E Miller
CEO Microwave Stress Solutions, Inc.

I noticed three great tactics:

1. She didn’t jump up and down and say “I was quoted here.” She made it user benefit oriented. Of course, I’m okay with jumping up and down and saying “I was quoted here.” But she did a much better job. I’d recommend this highly.

2. She put in a tracking link to the website so she can see how many people clicked through. Now she can tell the value of her media placement.

3. She promoted her in-person seminar. The media mention was an easy way to create another positive “touch” or “impression” with her fans.

Nice job, Lauren. I learned a lot from you!