Karen Terry

Karen Terry, FullTimeWoman.com

People always ask me, “How long do the links last when they appear on a media web site after I send out a press release with PR LEADS PLUS’ press release sender service?”

Some sites keep them up forever; some sites take them down after a few months.

Read what happened to Karen Terry.

“Remember last year when we did the press release for me using the keywords “Houston Women’s Business Coach”? Well last week someone typed that exact phrase into Google and my name came up. I got a new client out of it, over a year later! YAY! How cool is that?

Thank you Dan!”

Karen Terry

“The Full-Time Woman’s Coach”
Career & Business Coaching
Author of the award-winning book:  Full-Time Woman, Part-Time Career, and the upcoming Entrepreneur Extraordinaire (Thrive Publishing, 2012).

Yes, Karen, that’s very cool.


Of course, that’s what happened when Karen used www.PressReleaseSender.com and took advantage of our coaching, SEO research and our special distribution services to the media that are much more effective than any free press release service, or any other paid press release distribution service. I can’t say how long those links last – or even if other sites can generate links on media websites.