Press releases perform a valuable and useful role in getting found on search engines.

Based on my work with more than 500 press releases over the past year or so, I’d suggest you can improve your chances of being found by:
1. Adding relevant keywords to the press release, especially in the headline and first paragraph.
2. Using anchor text to lead readers to different pages on your website. It is a great SEO tactic that many people overlook.
3. Having at least one call to action for readers, like “click here to read the first two chapters of my book (or white paper, or take an assessment).
4. Using Google’s free keyword tool to find the most popular keywords, as well as the least competitive ones – and use a mix of them.
5. Searching Google on those terms to see what shows up. You might be inspired to use other keywords you hadn’t thought of.
6. Telling your followers when you get printed or quoted, via your blog, email and social media. Toot your horn!
7. Printing screen shots showing your best results.