Not too long ago, I appeared on a teleseminar to talk about how to get guaranteed publicity with press releases.

Julia, a coach, asked me if a press release could help “jumpstart” her business even though she didn’t have a website.

At first, I thought she should wait until she had a website. After all, don’t we want to showcase our talents and successes to our prospects so they will hire us?

Then I thought and I realized I was getting too involved in the process and not enough involved in the outcome.

The “outcome” of any marketing activity is to inspire a phone call so you can overcome any fears or objections the person has and sign them up for your service. In today’s economy, fewer people than ever are buying services from a website without speaking to a real person.

For that reason, I think a press release would help Julia even before she has a website. Here’s why.

  1. The press release will contain her contact info, so people can call her or email her if they wish.
  2. The press release can describe the “next step” you want people to take. For some of us, that next step is to go to a website and sign up for a special report so we can identify prospects and start a relationship. But the call to action could just as easily be “to arrange for a complimentary evaluation, call me at this number or email me at this address.”
  3. Some people don’t want to read a long report or a sales letter anyway. They would much rather talk to the person who is going to help them so they can see if that’s the right match for them. Why would you want to delay that process?
  4. When you send a press release out via my service, I can guarantee it will get printed on at least 40 media websites. This helps you in several ways:
  5. People will see the press release on the media web sites, read it and some will contact you.
  6. The press release will be indexed on Google, so someone who is looking for someone like you will be more likely to find you. As I wrote earlier, they will see your phone and email address so they can contact you.
  7. You will benefit from the branding halo of the media web sites. The media gives credibility to people who are written about. You can trumpet that fact when you do talk with prospects, as in “I was written up in 40 media websites, that’s why you should hire me instead of someone else.”
  8. When you do create a website, you will have great material to post, including the press release and a list of the media sites that printed the press release.
  9. You can use the names of the publications on your marketing materials, like your business card and you emails.
  10. Your readers and your prospects will think highly of you because your press release contains useful information that helps them solve a problem. As a problem solver, you will enhance your credibility in their eyes.

Based on these 10 facts, I think you should send out a press release. I can help you write and distribute your press release, if you wish. If you need a referral to a web designer who works with coaches in the spiritual space, please let me know and I’ll be happy to refer you to him.

To Your Success,

Dan Janal