Everyone knows a picture is worth 1,000 words.

But many people don’t include pictures with press releases.

That’s a shame.

In my many years writing, editing, and distributing press releases, I’ve seen the results.

It just makes dollars and sense:

Reporters – and readers – view press releases with pictures more often than press releases without pictures.

Here are several reasons to include pictures with your press releases.

  1. Editors need a visual element on their web pages. They must use art to make their web pages or print pages look more appealing. A mass of black and white type is boring. They need a picture to spice up the page! If your press release has a picture, it might get printed just because it has a picture and the competitor’s press release didn’t have a picture.
  2. Pictures make a story come alive. Even a typical mug shot or a company logo will stand out from a sea of press releases that are all black and white type. Remember the saying, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”
  3. Google indexes pictures, so you might get more visibility and traffic when someone searches for your keyword. You could stand out because you have a picture and no one else does.

You should have pictures available your website so the media can download and print them.

Now, you can add up to two pictures to press releases that are distributed to the media via PR Newswire, which is the network we use.

That means you can include your company logo, your book cover, or add your smiling face to grab attention from reporters and prospects.

Prices are affordable.

The first picture is only $15.

Add a second picture for just $10 more.

To order, go to https://www.CompanyPressReleases.com/special/ for discounted pricing available only to readers like you.

When you claim any level of service at these special rates, you’ll be prompted to add 1 or 2 pictures as soon as you click the “GET STARTED NOW” button of your choice.

You can’t NOT look at a picture!

Try it.

Once it enters your field of vision, you’ve seen it.

Everyone looks at pictures.