jasonOne of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to teach your clients how to use your product. It’s mission critical to do this, otherwise, people won’t realize the full benefit of the services they are buying from you.

For me, it’s about teaching people how to use the publicity they get from PR LEADS and from press releases to build their fame, influence and sales.

I’ve given many tips before in this ezine and in my PR training course for clients and in my book, “Reporters Are Looking for YOU!”

But one of my clients showed me a great way he is using to get the word out.

Jason L. Ma, author of “Young Leaders 3.0” uses PR LEADS and press releases. He wrote several blog posts showing how he got publicity. By doing this, he is telling his followers that the media is excited about his book, and about his brand.

Here are a few links to help you see what Jason did and how you can use his ideas to help you promote your own publicity.

He wrote one blog post:

Widespread Recognition of “Young Leaders 3.0″ for Its Societal Impact and Benefits


He wrote:
SILICON VALLEY, June 12, 2015 — Since our press release three days ago, the media’s recognition of our new book “YOUNG LEADERS 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers” for its uniquely positive societal impact and benefits has been widespread. Over two hundred fifty (250) media outlets and sites have already published info about the book. These range from prestigious, global and national brands to regional and local media properties.

Then he thanked his readers and interview subjects. Next, he listed the sites that gave him publicity, including Bloomberg, Reuters and MarketWatch.

Because all long lists start to look like shopping lists after a while, he cleverly divided the list into easier-to-read categories, such as business journals, daily newspapers, TV stations, parenting sites and others. He made the list readable!

He also posted the press release about the book in his blog.

I’d suggest that everyone follow Jason’s example to use their blogs to get the word out.

And then, supersize your reach by posting the headline and link to your social media accounts so all of your followers there can read about your good fortune!

If you want to thank Jason for this tip, why not “like” his Facebook page and YouTube video?



How else do you maximize your publicity? Let me know and I’ll share your comments in a future ezine.