iPad App CashMap gets high ranking on Google for competive keywords

There's nothing hotter in the tech universe than the iPad and its apps. I am thrilled to report that a press release we optimized for the CashMap app appeared in more than 50 media websites ansd that led to the company and its press release appearing in 5 entries on the first page of Google for the term iPad Personal Budgeting App. The listings including a link from and Consumer Electronics Daily News! Considering all the competition for apps and iPad, this is really primo!

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Should I promote my speaking events in a press release?

It just looks like a promo tool for you. This is the part I don't understand. I'm reading it thinking, "So what?" Do you understand what I'm asking you? It's the same thing that stops me from writing press releases. I don't think they are news and no one would want to read them.

Does choosing the correct search term makes a big difference?

One of my clients sent me a press release today about "online education." You'd think that is a good term. In fact, 300,000 searches are made for that term in a month. But, when I did more analysis, I found that many other relevant keywords were being searched more often on Google. For example: distance [...]

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Grief Expert Aurora Winter Jumps to #4 on Google for “Grief Expert” Term with PR LEADS Guaranteed Press Release Program

Grief Expert Aurora Winter issued a press release on February 14 and it appeared on so many web sites, including the Sacramento Bee, that her name shows up on the #4 position on Google for the term "grief expert." She was in good company. Among the top five sites were AOLhealth, 1800Flowers and allbusiness -- [...]

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