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Author Gets Speaking Engagements Thanks to Press Releases from PR LEADS’

How can an author get speaking engagements? Read this amazing story from David Koop!

David Koop

David Koop

Some things to share with you. Coping Magazine is excerpting my bestselling Book; Cancer It’s a Good Thing I Got It! It is running in their July/Aug issue. We got this because of our press release with PR LEADS’!
As you know Dan a large portion of my income is generated with my speaking fees. My current rate is now $10,000 per keynote.

When asking each booker how or where they had heard of me, I was surprised by their response.

The last three had searched Google for an inspirational and/or motivational speaker; each stated that what they found in the search results was the deciding factor for finding and then choosing me.

The reason I was surprised is because we spend a lot of time and money marketing and sending out speaker packs but that is not where the bulk of the business is coming from.

So if anyone wonders if press releases matter, I can tell you my belief grows stronger and stronger as I continue to benefit from Google posting more and more information about me. Articles, event notices, presentations and press releases all add up to credibility for those people looking for you.

What are the people who might be in a position to hire you seeing when they do a Google search?

The more information about you the better chance you have, so post what you are doing online, and it all starts with press releases. Dan I remember the first time I was trying to decide if I should use your service at all.

After deciding yes, that I would use your service to issue my release the next question came up, “Do I have you draft it?”

Hey most of us out there have long ago decided that no one can sell us or our business better than we can… right.

Koop bookWell what I found is that you listen during that interview process and then you give me the chance to tweak your thoughts. But what I get from you is several fold.

First because it is from you, it gets opened by people who matter (who sends it makes a difference).

Second you can see the forest for the trees as they say. You know what an outsider, like a potential new customer needs to know about me and my service.

Lastly you have years and years of experience learning what SEO terms to use for the best overall results.

It might get old for you Dan, but I am so happy to be able to write to and share with you the direct and indirect results that I continue to receive as a direct result of our press releases with you.

Then you crafting that Press Release maximizing and multiplying those results down the road.

Thank you so very much Dan.

David A. Koop

Bestselling Author: Cancer – It’s a Good Thing I got It!  –  The Life Story of a Very Lucky Man
Motivational Speaker and Certified World Class Speaking Coach


Should International Companies Send Press Releases to U.S. Media?

Several times a month I get emails from people in other countries asking if press releases printed in US publications can help them.

The answer, of course, is yes.

Here’s why small businesses all around the world need to market their services and get publicity in the U.S.

1.     You get credibility from appearing in U.S. media. Imagine showing a client an article about your company from the Wall Street Journal. It’s huge.
2.     Google indexes those articles, which means you can get found more easily when people search for companies like yours.
3.     You get the halo effect of positive branding when your name appears in top ranked media.
4.     You can create more impressive marketing materials from those articles which will make it easier for you to make sales.
5.     Some of your buyers might live in the U.S. so you should market to them.
6.     We are living in a true global economy and people can and should be able to buy most services and products regardless of where they live or where you are based. I probably buy software made by companies in India but I’d never know it from their websites. So do you.
7.     If you decide to open operations in the U.S., or work with suppliers or distributors in the U.S., you’ll have more credibility if you have U.S. media bona fides.
8.     You’ll seem like a bigger, more global company. That impression could inspire a prospect to work with you instead of a competitor.
9.     The U.S. is one of the largest markets in the world. If people here know about you and your product or service, they could buy it. Why turn your back on this market?

I’ve had press releases from clients in Thailand, Germany, England and Italy. Isn’t it time you thought about sending your press releases to the U.S.? If you need help writing them, well, that’s what we do. For info, go to

Education Expert Gets High Rankings on Google Thanks to PR LEADS Press Release Service

SAT prep expert Megan Dorsey ranked high on Google for several search terms when she used the PR LEADS Press Release Service. Publicity expert Dan Janal found keywords and phrases that were highly searched by the public and carefully crafted a press release so people who were searching for those terms could find the press release so she could get fantastic free publicity.

In the first example, Megan has two listings on the first page of Google for the term “SAT prep expert.” She is in the number 2 position for a listing from the Sacramento Bee newspaper.  She is in the #3 position for the listing from PR Newswire.

















In the next figure, Megan is #2 and #3 on the first page of Google for the phrase “How can my kid with disabilities get good sat scores”


In the third figure, she has two listings on the first page of Google for the search term: “What can I expect from an online SAT preparation class?” The #2 listing is from the Sacramento Bee newspaper. The third listing is from the Business Journals website.


















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Compliance Expert Gets Free Publicity with PR LEADS Press Release Service

Compliance expert Jeffrey Harfenist’s press release appeared on the front page of Google for several key search terms as a direct result of a publicity strategy offered by PR LEADS Press Release Service and Publicity Expert Dan Janal.

Here are two screen shots showing his key terms and how Google rated his press releases quite high on the front page:

Fraude Schemes

(Figure above) Compliance Expert's press release appeared on #1 listing for "fraud schemes for oil and gas companies, a key search term that this client wanted to highlight." (Figure below) Compliance Expert's press release appeared as the 1st and 3rd listing for the term "oil and gas compliance expert." Anyone searching for an expert would be sure to find our client

See how you can achieve similar results at Press Release

Non-profit fundraiser gets publicity with PR LEADS Press Release Service

Dan Portnoy

Dan Portnoy

Dan Portnoy, author of “The Non-Profit Narrative” got great placement on the first page of Google for several search terms when he used the PR LEADS Press Release Service operated by publicity consultant Dan Janal.

Here are two screen shots. The first shows a front-page placement for the term “How can my non profit raise more money?” The second one shows Dan Portnoy on the front page of the search engine for the terms “non profit fundraising expert.”

Dan Portnoy

When someone types "How can my non profit raise money?" there's a good chance they'll see Dan Portnoy's listing on the first page of Google!



Dan Portnoy

Dan Portnoy is on the front page of Google for term "non-profit fundraising expert thanks to the PR LEADS Press Release Service












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Public health expert gets publicity with PR LEADS Press Release Service

Shane Ellison

Shane Ellison

People’s Chemist Shane Ellison, an organic chemist, got publicity on the front page of Google for the search term “fluoride in water.” We helped him identify that term as being one of the most popular for his message.

Public health

Public health firm gets publicity with press release.















Seee how you can get tons of media exposure and high rankings on Google. Visit







Clothing manufacturer gets high search engine placement with press release from PR LEADS Press Release Service

Cool-jamsCool-Jams got onto the first page of Google for the very competitive search term “Perfect Mother’s Day Gift.” Cool-Jams manufactures a signature line of state-of-the-art moisture wicking pajamas, nighties and bedding

Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Cool-Jams ranks on first page of Google for highly competitive term - "Perfect Mother's Day Gift"



Learn how you can use press releases to get great placement on search engines.


Salesperson recruiting expert gets publicity on Google and in media thanks to PR LEADS Press Release Service

Steve Suggs

Steve Suggs

Salesperson recruiting expert Steve Suggs captured five spots on the front page of Google for the term “sales recruiting expert,” with the help of the PR LEADS Press Release Service.

The links on the page include direct reprints of the press release from Business, and the Sacramento Bee.

Imagine the thoughts going through the minds of prospects as they search for a sales recruiting expert. They must think he is the best choice since he appears everywhere on this page and by being referenced by so many high quality media sites!

Here’s the proof. See for yourself.

Sales recruiting expert

Sales Recruiting Expert Steve Suggs Dominates Search Results for His Term



See other examples of our successful search engine optimization with press releases.

Leadership consultant ranks high on Google with help from PR LEADS Press Release Service

Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran

Agriculture leadership speaker and consultant Cheryl Cran ranked high on Google for several key search terms when she used the PR LEADS Press Release Service

She was number 1, 2 and 3 and (six total spots) on page 1 of Google for the term “agriculture leadership.” (Figure 1)

She was on the front page of Google for the term “agriculture leadership consultant.” (Figure 2)

And was on the front page of Google for the term “agriculture leadership speaker.” (Figure 3)



Agriculture Leadership

Figure 1


Figure 2


Agriculture Leadership Speaker

Figure 3












New Tactics for Press Releases – Get Found on Search Engines

Press releases perform a valuable and useful role in getting found on search engines.

Based on my work with more than 500 press releases over the past year or so, I’d suggest you can improve your chances of being found by:
1. Adding relevant keywords to the press release, especially in the headline and first paragraph.
2. Using anchor text to lead readers to different pages on your website. It is a great SEO tactic that many people overlook.
3. Having at least one call to action for readers, like “click here to read the first two chapters of my book (or white paper, or take an assessment).
4. Using Google’s free keyword tool to find the most popular keywords, as well as the least competitive ones – and use a mix of them.
5. Searching Google on those terms to see what shows up. You might be inspired to use other keywords you hadn’t thought of.
6. Telling your followers when you get printed or quoted, via your blog, email and social media. Toot your horn!
7. Printing screen shots showing your best results.