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Why You Should Convert Your Articles into Press Releases

Many people who want to get free publicity with press releases don’t do so because they think they don’t have anything to say. However, if you’ve been cranking out articles, you are sitting on a gold mine of content. You can rewrite your articles into press releases. If this sounds like you, read on to [...]

Writing Press Examples: 5 Topics You Probably Didn’t Realize Can Be in a Press Release

Many people mistakenly think a press release can only contain news, such as announcing a new product, hiring a new CEO, announcing earnings results or winning an award. True, those are the bread and butter of press releases, but press releases can contain so many more interesting topics that can help you get [...]

New Tactics for Press Releases – Get Found on Search Engines

Press releases perform a valuable and useful role in getting found on search engines. Based on my work with more than 500 press releases over the past year or so, I'd suggest you can improve your chances of being found by: 1. Adding relevant keywords to the press release, especially in the headline and first [...]

Publicity Strategy: Now’s the Time to Write Year-in-Review Press Releases

As the end of the year approaches, some people think of holidays, gifts and shopping. I think of year-in-review press releases and articles or opinion pieces. The year-in-review press release is a great way to get increased exposure and position yourself as an expert. This article will show you how to write a year-in-review press release and will also show you many ways you can benefit from it.

Definition of PR

"PR is a year-round, continual effort where we build momentum, and relationships with media, etc. If someone sees an article or news about a company, they either will buy the services right then -- or they will file the article or thought away until they are ready to buy the services. PR is about building and supporting a brand -- it's an ongoing, continual process that cannot rely on just one media hit."

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How can I alert employees each time we send out a press release?

It is important for employees to know when press releases are sent. For example: 1. They will know what is new at the company. 2. They will have something new to tell prospects and clients. 3. They will feel good that the company is moving forwward. 4. They will feel pride when the media release [...]

Should I promote my speaking events in a press release?

It just looks like a promo tool for you. This is the part I don't understand. I'm reading it thinking, "So what?" Do you understand what I'm asking you? It's the same thing that stops me from writing press releases. I don't think they are news and no one would want to read them.